Mission & Vision

Richard Welch is Running for the New Congressional Seat in Houston

Energy Independence

Texas produces roughly 4 million barrels of oil per day. That is roughly 1/3rd of the amount needed to sustain the U.S. demand. The U.S. has the capability to be fully energy independent so there is simply no need to send the tax dollars of our hardworking Americans across the pond and into the pockets of oil sheiks and terrorist organizations. American dollars need to stay in America, period. We also need to invest in technology to capture flare gasses and convert them into Methanol and Ethanol.  It is clean energy, and we can make it efficient with the right conditions! Several companies and organizations out there are researching this option but are getting little to no government funding. I know who these people are and will get them funds for research and development. We can promote a cleaner planet without disturbing our Energy industry.

Border Security

Thousands of individuals attempt legal entry into the U.S. every single year. These individuals often spend thousands of dollars obtaining visas and green cards to work and study here. The individuals coming across the southern border negate all the others trying to come here legally. We cannot allow this to happen. This beautiful country is our home, and we need to protect it. We don’t allow strangers into our homes, give them our car keys or let them watch our children without proper vetting. Why should illegal immigrants be allowed to just wander into our country without providing the same required credentials?

Mental Health

Mental health is a serious issue in our country, and we need to take it seriously. Too many people talk about it and do absolutely nothing. I will break that wheel and I want to invest some serious money into our mental health facilities. I want to build mental health facilities so we can effectively help our community and build skilled labor training facilities for after treatment to break the cycle of homelessness. Nobody should be living on the streets in 2021. I have a solid plan that none of this will be funded with taxpayer dollars!